Disposed Abomination

by Miscarriage

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released January 8, 2017



all rights reserved


Miscarriage Sweden

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Track Name: Abyss of Hatred
It tears. It splits. It engulfs. It suffocates. It strangles. It asphyxiates. It defecates. It wallows. It thrives. It connives. It lies. It deceives. It achieves. It pierces. It slices. It cuts. It bleeds. I will cut off the flesh of my face and bleed on you until you drown from my blood just to get my fucking point across. I want you dead. Bury me at the core of the abyss of hatred and you still wouldn't be able to even taste an ounce of the loathing that bleeds from my eyes every single fucking day. No amount of self infliction will suffice. No amount of self infliction will quench this thirst. It's you. It's always been you. I want you to die. Kill me before I kill.
Track Name: Dismember and Suffocate
Shove the infant's head back in it's whore mother's cunt. Snap it's neck to lock it in place. Smash and stomp the whore's face repeatedly; A masterpiece. Your choking and gagging are the most beautiful sounds to have ever graced these ears. Swallow more waste you fucking cunt whore. You miserable fucking disease. Don't die just yet. You need to suffer much more. I want to see the plea for repentance in your eyes before I decapitate you. Dismember and suffocate. Dismember and suffocate. Suffocate on your dismembered extremities. You hedonistic arrogant fucking filth. Spread your blood and limbs across the floor and walls. This is your final portrait. This is what you leave behind. What you always were. An atrocious and grotesque fucking mess. Self assured self acquired importance. I assure you, you had it all wrong. You had it all fucking wrong. You are important to humiliate. You are important to discriminate. You are important to castrate. You are important to annihilate. You fucking deserve it. You fucking earned it. You are fucking welcome.
Track Name: Bearers of Suffering and Death
Bearers of suffering and death. You place your cunts on a pedestal. I want to cut up and shred your genitals. I want to vomit into your open wounds. I want to smear shit across your faces. You fucking disgust me. You're apathetic to your detrimental ways so why would I fucking care about your extermination? I will rip apart their throats with my teeth. I will chomp on their flesh and watch them bleed out. I will stomp on their neck and skull to the point they are both reduced to powder. I will cut them up into as many pieces as possible to the point no one would be able to tell which piece went with the other. Bearers of suffering and death. Delusional whore parasites. The purpose is non existent. Excessive unnecessary redundant continuance. You have no remorse for others. Only pity for yourself. You only have pity for yourself. You are the only one that exists in your mind.
Track Name: Unconscionable Conscience
These visions of slaughter will never go away. I wonder if they have always been with me. Are these the calling out of my innermost desires? Has my subconscious taken over my reality? This hatred suffocates me. I have grown fond of this fire that burns my insides to ashes. What salvation is to be had when salvation itself is not welcomed? It is not welcomed. We are all condemned to be damned. My salvation is their damnation. I want them to want to die. These visions of slaughter will never go away. I wonder if they have always been with me. Are these the calling out of my innermost desires? Has my subconscious taken over my reality? This hatred suffocates me.
Track Name: Immutable
I've tried to change it. God knows I've tried to change it. This is who I am. This is what I am. I fucking hate them. I hate all of them. Humanity is the overflowing sewage of this existence. The reeking filth of insufferable decay. Suicide has rendered itself as useless as it is to bring life into this world. The sounds of hearing a child crying is like scraping a blade inside of my ears. Clawing out my eyes to erase the sight of the addition of more life. Suicide has rendered itself as useless as it is to bring life into this world.
Track Name: Leviticus 26:29
You've fed your ego with the amount of cocks that you have fed your cunt. I will eat your child to devour your self proclaimed self worth. My mouth is watering and I cannot help but to grin just thinking about it. What better way to destroy a mother than to eat her own child in front of her? I would really have to eat your child in front of you in order to achieve the highest ecstasy possible. I will make you feel what you are truly worth. I can see it now. I want to burn in the images in your mind. All of us in a room together. Like one big happy family. Separating each limb from it's torso. We can bathe in it's blood. Which part of your child should I try first? The eyes always look so appetizing. Honestly I just want to chomp away at it's arms and legs. There's no need to worry. I'm not selfish like you. You can eat some of your child too. But I swear to God if you gag one fucking time I will cut out your fucking tongue.
Track Name: Relish in Relinquishment
It claws my eyes out. Burning to a black tar liquid. Like lava devouring everything in my eye sockets. We are such an atrocious and disgusting species. It claws my eyes out. Burning to a black tar liquid. Spiraling out and spiraling out I'm spiraling out I'm spiraling out. I despise all existence. Hatred is the only emotion I know. When you dig deep enough you'll find the truth of what we truly amount to. We are less than the skeleton that supports this flesh. This is the way to catharsis. This is the way to become heartless. This is the way to transgress. This is the way to the darkness. This is the way. Relish in Relinquishment.
Track Name: Destined Misfortune
It's like trying to swim out of quicksand. The more I try to escape the deeper I sink in. Submerged face first into excruciating loneliness. With every attempt is another slash with a knife to the flesh. Hallways filled with multiples of myself hanging by nooses. My mind is engulfing itself and I'm convulsing on the floor. Why the fuck can't I stay dead? Every last bit of humanity I had left grinded into a pulp. I feel my chest combusting and bursting. My rib cage imploding as my guts project everywhere. Inflamed throat burning everything through. Burning my tongue into liquid as I begin to heave my vocal cords. I feel much better now. I feel so much better. I've never felt better.
Track Name: Monstrosity
Shut the fuck up you stupid fat cow fucking cunt. Hasn't your mouth done enough chomping already enlarging your already bloating soon to be rotting carcass. Your incompetence reeks almost as much as your morbid obesity. I rather suffocate than breathe in the repulsive odor leaking from your hideous flesh. I rather go deaf than hear you utter one more word. Utter one more word! Utter one more fucking word! Oh my fucking god the walls are bleeding already. I can't fucking concentrate. Choke on it. Fucking choke on it. You love overfilling your landfill of an orifice so ingest yourself. You love fat so much you should fucking love eating yourself. I want to slash up every single layer of you. How would you like yourself to be cooked? What would you like to go with the sides? Why are you crying? I thought you loved eating? Don't let your waste go to waste. What a fucking waste. Fucking ingest it. Fucking Ingest yourself.
Track Name: Homicidal Mania
If you take a blade to your back and slash from the middle of your neck down to your waistline enough so that you can rip out your spine after the act then you will know the thirst. The craving that makes you lunge out of your body uncontrollably. The impulsive hallucinations brought on due to not committing to your inclinations. Over flooded with so many ideas and choices on how to take your life. Homicidal mania. I feel like my heart is going to explode. Homicidal mania. Should I smash your face repeatedly into the concrete floor? Homicidal mania. I watch as I force you to eat your own teeth. Homicidal mania. No murder is complete without humiliation. Before total decapitation, piss in their face and down their throat. You can't stain the teeth that are no longer there.